"Woke Coke"

by Gandalf

The unicorns and empathetic
All lined up to be magnetic
And though the Coca-Cola poured so bubbly
One of them keeps talking of jubbly

Yet he was instrumental for the fun
To frolick in the noonday sun
And throw me down a tin mine on my ass
And accuse me of flirting with a 14 year old lass
When he knows damn well anything under 18 I take a pass!

Well he is back and I think of David Bowie
So he may post fast or even a little slowie
Or talk Bitcoin or Burroughs or Jordan Peterson or Alice Cooper
While Tito waits for poems about a pooper

Now Walrus will crack open some champagne
And Lyle just the same
WHile others should all welcome the Returned Wizard
And be thankful they avoided the blizzard

Welcome back, you well-dressed fellow
The forum missed you, and all say hellow