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Kirkland, is an Asian person using chopsticks racist? I am happy to go to a restaurant, take a picture, and send the world into meltdown.
Doesn't matter what I think or what you think. The Seuss estate is what matters. They will have spent money working out exactly what in the books is offensive to an economically significant part of the American population and acted on that. This is down to the economic power of enough people to move the needle who would be offended by the stuff now not for sale. This is entirely down to dollars.

You can bet every publisher is now feverishly going through their back catalogue desperately hoping to find some racist stuff in some of the books they used to sell truckloads of copies of buy now hardly sell any. They'll be conspiring with public relations companies on the best way to make withdrawing this stuff public so that conservative media go nuts over it and they sell truckloads of books.

To be fair they won't have to try hard. Cancel culture stuff is about ninety nine percent of the GOP agenda and conservative media these days. Lots of dollars to be made by smart publishers here. We haven't heard the last of this.

A fair question to ask is why now. Dr. Seuss books have been around for about 80-some years. Why now? I think I know the answer to that... but it's still worth pondering.

Why is it that something that's been around 80-some years is only NOW deemed offensive?

Ditto for Aunt Jemima... ditto for MR. Potato Head... ditto for any number of things/brands/titles/etc. that used to pass for inoffensive, harmless shit.

If it's all economics, wasn't there money to be made beforehand?

Besides... the money is made when shit has to be repackaged/republished/rereleased/etc, etc, etc.

My question is why is it all suddenly offensive NOW?

The weight of public opinion has finally shifted far enough so that an economically significant number of people see these images as racist and would be unlikely to buy any more Seuss books. Kind of like how you don't get circus or fair freak shows anymore.
Because the freak shows are now free
And you can read his bullshit here everyday and it’s always 100% right.

I used the Dr Seuss books as an example. You can bring up music etc. but what we are seeing now, mass bans and shadow bans on social media, the way our media will cover for some attack others, Amazon dropping books, I could go on and on. It’s happening everyday day here. We aren’t putting labels on things we are silencing people. The left is abusing its power. Sure you could say Amazon is a private company they can carry whatever they want but big tech is in direct alliance with the left. There is a new age of censorship amongst us. They can shut down the president if they wanted to (ha ha no they would never do something like that) are we that frightened of different thought? I think Biden should get the same questions from the press Trump did, or maybe question why he isn’t. We are shutting down thought, speech and books from a viewpoint 70 million Americans voted for. We aren’t giving artists a hard time, they are deplatformed if they are conservative. Its happening right in front of our faces, you don’t mind it that’s fine. Bring up Dungeons and dragons and Harry Potter and say “see” wtf dudes we are at next level shit here. The dr Seuss stuff helps keep the racial stuff stirred up.,FYI kids in China read dr Seuss when they are learning English, they never complained about anything in it. They actually asked if I could bring more “with Chinese people in them”. And genocide continues in the Middle East and China, but here we are. Pausing our military and training them on race while China builds up its navy, genetically modifying its soldiers and laughing at us and writhing articles in their government press about how immoral and racist we are. When are we gonna say, our government got something going on with all this labeling of everyone. Is it a distraction?