I'm interested in learning those outside of America's view on Qanon.

January 6th, In The United States -was the most disgusting Day I've seen in My Lifetime.

After The World watched A trillion dollar spending Military Complex unable to stop hillbillies, tatooed militants, former & currenbt police officer to angry citizens in general climb walls, break barriers, beat down Capital Police (for several hours), the resolve although heartbreaking was typical: Blame somebody else.

Rather than run the gamut and show or prove their side, just issue a verbal proclamation: It was BLM. It was Antifa- just say it- and their words reign supreme.

Here is a chance, to identify some of the infiltrators, of the Qanon to Trump Supporters.
Here is a chance to identify and or offer what makes Qanon so non-news worthy To Right wing news media and their audience.
And for a few right wing politicians, they defended Qanon and claimed it was somebody else's group. Liberals and their terrorist group antifa.

This Thread- which will be derailed by anyone who chooses to.
But for those who have proof. Out Antifa! Out them with facts. With videos.

We got enough threads on people sharing their opinions as facts, exposing bigotry as the religion of choice.

What I've noticed about Qanon is that they believe March 4th is the real presidential innuaguration.

This video contains footage of the their claims that:
1. March 4th is the real date for the Presidency of the United States
2. They have footage to prove that the storming of the Capital was done by every left group, (even though each of the 200+ arrests have been made)Of who?

Below is yet another link of people who can be identified as well- they give their testimony. Have any of these people in either this link or the video been proven to be anything other than Qanon?
Any links, videos please post them.

30 seconds into the link- a woman states baded upon 1871, He will be declared the 19th President. has anyone identified her as an infiltrator.

Now -some of them are claiming it will actually be March 20th.