No..... Donald didn't suddenly become a rock musician and named his tour "The Revenge Tour."

Although I'm sure if he did, he'd have plenty large audiences, probably complete with mask-burning parties and other popular events.

This is actually about Trump's deep-rooted desire to exact revenge on those (particularly GOP lawmakers) who didn't kiss his ass till the very end.

"Trump wants revenge on Alaska's Sen. Murkowski. His advisers think he won't follow through because the flight is too long."

Now... I am a little disappointed in this bit of news... if it IS true that Trump wouldn't follow through on threats to fly to Alaska to campaign against Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) and try to derail her political career. All because "the flight's too long." Damn. If that has any truth to it... what a wimp! If his exit from the White House hadn't been so contentious, maybe he could ask to borrow Air Force One or try and hitch a ride on it.... so he could have the Presidential creature comforts on his way up there.

But anyway, I'm not surprised to see where the priorities lie nowadays.

Never mind the country and what it needs. Never mind trying to help the American people in any way you can. Never mind using your considerable influence as former President to do the right thing.


Revenge is where it's at.

I'll try and keep everyone abreast of Trump's efforts on his "Revenge Tour".

Soon coming to a city near you.