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Whelp, on a positive note NY has now legalized recreational use of the Devils cabbage . Maybe they should direct some of the guaranteed millions to come in collected taxes to mental health programs. And maybe some porta johns for guys like that one nasty fella.

We had more shootings in the Quarter around Bourbon St..the tourist mecca of the City. Drive me crazy when I see these wide eyed tourist come down and the very first thing is LETS GO DOWNTOWN. Um, no.
@Spicoli bro, last year we spent 9 days in downtown over there in the French Quarter, the Garden District, walked around over there behind the Superdome, some tough areas back there, I hear what youre saying --- definitely do not go downtown! And whats with those dudes out there by the riverboat docks? Gotta watch your ass out there but the PO BOYS WERE DELICIOUS, COULDNT STOP.