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This quarantine thing isn't all that's it's cracked up to be . Guess I shouldn't be whining slight symptoms, fever near a week in. The head fog and discombobulation are the real deal. Haven't heard much on it but my tongue had a feel like it was 'burned' and what looked like a couple white spots on the tip. Strangest thing, never lost taste completely but it's off a bit. Feels like you're eating taffy but cannot get it completely off your tongue if that makes sense. On the positive side the home has never been cleaner and recaulked the bath and shower without incident .

First time? You're vaccinated, right? So basically you still got it, but with mild symptoms.
Can't wait to leave COVID in the rearview mirror... even if only to see it crop up as a seasonal disease ala the flu.
Actually I haven't been. Had some concerns of prior severe vacs reaction when younger. We had a total of 5 people contract it and have to tell you it's bizarre how random symptoms are. Two in their 20's somehow got it much worse and were vaccinated prior, but no boosters since?! Everyone is pushing to get the antibody infusion treatment now. My fever fooked off late last night but head aches and just a lethargic 'foggy' feel remain. Numbers all in all are dropping in the South but I don't wish this on anyone at all.
wait so two in their twenties who were vaccinated were sick worse than you & you aren't vaccinated? at least you were able to clean up your place & rechaulk the bath & shower
Yeh that was the case in this instance. One had asthma . Though both worked in direct contact two days straight with carrier where I had all of an hour around all of them. Not that I know if that increases severity but I consider myself the lucky one. Also didn't run about still carrying on around others as normal and did the isolated thing since.