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primo carnera, thread was too long to reply to it. there has been no debate. you admitted in my first questions to you that you don't know the cause of deaths & that you don't know that covid is a virus caught through the air or off surfaces. that is called a belief. you said there is something. that is something you would have to prove, not me. i gave you several possibilities & as you admitted you don't know the cause, so to not even acknowledge those possibilities shows you are not interested in truth. as you admit you don't know the cause then your information is not factual. because a fact is something you know to be true. you are just choosing to believe what someone else has said. it is like someone believing in god & providing scriptures or some else's interpretation. that is not proof of god existing. i have calmly highlighted your beliefs. you are free to hold those beliefs
A lot of twisting of my posts going on there.
i just want to know how you know it's real. you admitted you don't know. outside of that i don't care what you believe. but those beliefs are having real affects on peoples lives