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Finally some doctors got a break through (for the media to report it) https://medicine.osu.edu/sitecore/co...od-clots-covid Why COVID-19 could be causing blood clots—and what you can do to lower your risk Could be…in other words if we look at the date of that article…and go back to that time in your country, your city, what was the symptoms back then? There NEVER should have been a limited list for a damning virus…or…if we did this same fucked up process for Ebola or H1n1, or SARS – they all could have done the same carnage. Is this shit really the worst virus ever? Or did we just have the worlds doctors orchestrate the most fucked up response in the history of any so called civilization? Now today we see a list of symptoms so long…looks like a pill commercial that’s soon to be recalled. Following symptoms from taking this may cause swelling, diarrhea, blood clots, separation of thigh meat, loss of toes, hair, blindness, tinier dick, shriveled fingers, massively swollen tongue, loss of one’s mind and in rare occasions; death. Does the vaccine work for most? I would be silly to say no. Yes it does. I have a cousin got it. He took the vac & now has cold sweats, I mentioned this- Mom side got hit hard, Dad side nothing. I have to weigh where are my genes in this? Another cousin, my mom's generation caught it hospitalized.No bad reaction to the vac... he has gone back to the hospitalo once -as he had a stroke in his 50s, he is in his 60s now. My coworkers all took it, just sore arms, they are fine -yet they shit on me like all the leftists do cause I didnt run out like a believer in government and WHO & CDC..the same muthutruckers that based themselves in every epicenter of AIDS outbreak in USA. They dont give a damn I have A HEAVY FRIGGIN’ BURDEN! Where are my genes at on this… If my dad's genes are heavy I feel a good chance. But the god damned leftist demons demand I submit to their godless reasoning? Trust government. Trust Bigpharma. I would love a real discussion, honest feedback- facts info, blood type. Not a bitch session. Blame game. When I learn of the few others of my mom's side who caught it- if they take it - and they are ok, then I will step up to the plate and make a decision. Please let us rap about this, not argue it- save the arguing for boxing or small talk.
Damn straight, B. Damn straight. Now here's fascism for you. Blind as a bat if anyone doesnt see it. Pure fascism, bullying, and fake news:
You seem to be a bit obsessed with calling anyone who doesn't agree with you and your fear of needles a Nazi or a fascist. You seem to also live for the opportunity to look for an opening and then to try and drive a wedge between people. How many fake accounts and fake news stories has everyone had to put up with from you over the years? Bullying? You get on your knees for bullies at every opportunity, from wannabe gangsta chumps like Trump, to bullies here on the forum, you can't wait to hide behind them and use them as an excuse to a gob off.
Looks like I caused it. My bad sir!