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Thread: Denzel Bentley vs Felix Cash 24/4/21


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    Default Re: Denzel Bentley vs Felix Cash 24/4/21

    Just gave these 2 fights a look. Interesting that this Emil Markic had a nice high guard. YET! no head movement. Ref had no choice, what was it 25-1 punches landed? High guard and all, yet his head was looking down at his own feet the entire time. Damn.

    Not sure what to make of the Bentley Cash fight. I inadvertantly watched the 1st round twice (saw @Master) saying a brutal 1st round of power punches, not realizing it was the other fight.

    1st 30 seconds in it seemed this Bentley dude was doomed. He threw shots from way too far out in the 1st 20 seconds and when he got caught hard 2:35 in the 1st, just seemed like a prelude for what would eventually happen.

    Nevertheless at 2min left, he pulls str8 back and shows IMO what appeared to be horrible balance, wobbling from no shot, just bad positioning while pulling back.

    Disagree with commentary that Bentley had 'superior' footwork. Sloppy IMO is a better description. He couldn't put any punches together, just one here, one there. Just who did he beat to become champ? And round 2 was not closer. It was Cash showing he was about to close the show!

    The video I watched, in between rounds bentley was breathing hard as hell for a 2nd round.
    Not sure abojut the stoppage. Could have given a standing 8- if it was allowed, nevertheless those str8 right hands were pretty convincing to me. In that Bentley isn't a very good fighter.

    Hope to see more of this cash dude to see where he rates.
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