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​Joshua/Fury = Lewis/Bowe?
May just make you miss them all the more exactly how they played out if anything . It's amazing how much Lewis had ahead of him and yet there he was post Razor already in a mega super-fight for the era. Olympic rivalry and all. Great times. AJ and Fury have had to scrape themselves back into the dust pan in and out of the ring a bit, have a proven rework while Lewis and Bowe had just toppled biggest threats and remain unblemished respectfully. As much as I have knocked Bowe and his career self sabotage I'm just not sure Fury isn't pulling a bit of a charade at this point and trying to extend the carnival show. At least Bowe looked the world in the eye on stage and dropped the trinket straight in the bin not wasting our time . Did sign to fight Mercer too but yeh.