She didnt fight a great fighter, but when she got took the the mat, her level of composure was what I hoped James Toney would do. Instead he violently flopped around the mat like a fish out of water.

Sheilds was VERY composed. Best for her to learn this with average MMA fighters. Winning with punches standing...isn't the best way to adjust. She knew her striking skills were superior, but to see her take out the Elkin with ground n pound? And she landed a few leg kicks too?

She did what none of the prime men would do- fight an MMA fighter in their territory.

1st 2 rounds she couldn't sprawl her legs to prevent being taken down...but in this minute highlight- one can see her literally improving on the job!

Before I watched it- I felt she would do like Kimbo 1 or 2 against a novice, then when the real deal comes up...reality sinks in, but after watching her, I can state she will be one of the strongest women in her class. And her composure means the world...

Dont care for MMA, women, but our boxing sister repped us just fine!