I think it's high time we had a thread like this. Shame on us for not thinking about it sooner. All the focus is on Trump and Biden. Hogwash. Senators and Representatives deserve some love too.

So without further ado... here's a thread honoring those brilliant, trustworthy, bastions of leadership that inhabit the halls of Congress today.

Gives one a "warm and fuzzy" just knowing the future of the country is in their hands.

Let's kick things off with an article about Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R).


"Marjorie Taylor Greene Apparently Didn’t Know What The Holocaust Was Until Yesterday"

Fake claims of fake news aside... this is hugely astounding. Don't you think?

Hey... before people go jumping all down Ms. Taylor's throat... let it be said that she owned up to her mistake. So let's cut her some slack, shall we?
I mean... how was she supposed to know the real gravity of the Holocaust without visiting a museum, for crying out loud??
C'mon. Seriously, folks.

Ok, ok. Some of you are going to point out that she's a wacko conspiracy theorist and gets into trouble more often than a school yard bully.
Hey... at least she's not Matt Gaetz. Huh? Huh? Am I right?

Anyway, we'll talk about Matty later on. There's plenty of Congresspeople worthy of our love and admiration. Curiously, most of them happen to be Republicans. Hmm... why would that be?
A lot of the credit has to go to Donald Trump... but again... this thread is about Congressmen/women... not Don the Con (another stolen nickname).