It has to be asked. Djokovic has just pulled even with Roger and Rafa, with 20 career major titles. I think @Master just voiced what I'm feeling... that Djokovic is now the male tennis GOAT. Which is too bad, really... 'cause I've always pulled for Federer. But Novak can no longer be ignored in GOAT discussions. Not to mention he's got a year advantage on Nadal, and 5 on Federer. PLUS... he's got the head-to-heads. So in what order would you put them?

To me, it's:

1. Djokovic
2. Federer
3. Nadal

People talk about the Samprases, Borgs, and Lavers of the past... but for me the gap in majors is just too big. None of those guys can crack the Top Three.