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Thread: So who's the male tennis GOAT?


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    Default Re: So who's the male tennis GOAT?

    Quote Originally Posted by TitoFan View Post
    Nice boxing analogy... except you probably should've put an asterisk on the Federer-Mayweather analogy with a big ass footnote underneath saying... "ONLY AS FAR AS TECHNIQUE IN THEIR CRAFT".
    That's because their personalities are not even in the same galaxy, and it pains me to see both names in the same sentence.
    Yeah true was speaking just styles not personalities

    Quote Originally Posted by TitoFan View Post
    Interesting take on the "snobbish" component of it. I can't dispute that, since I'm not European. But I'll just say that if Federer had a boorish personality, it would matter little that he's Swiss. He wouldn't be so much of a crowd favorite. Also, there's more to Djokovic than just being Serbian. He had a horrific childhood, to which the childhoods of Federer and Nadal couldn't possibly compare. That of course has had a lot to do with Novak's scrappy attitude, and that laser focus he's got on eventually being all-consensus tennis male GOAT. Let's face it. That doesn't exactly endear him to some people.
    I do think the snobbish part hurts Novak big time. It's like in central America Puerto Rico is more of a respected country than Guatemala or Honduras. In South America Brazil and Argentina are more respected than Ecuador and in terms of snobbishness Switzerland were Federer is from, snobbish wise, is arguably the most snobbishly respected country in Europe, EG Swizz watch. Swizz Bank and all that and Spain is very respected too.

    Where as Novak was brought up in the Slobdoan Milosevic (Former President of Serbia) brutal genocidal era. Look up Srebrenica massacre (when 8732+ civil Bosnians were massacred by the Serbs the biggest European massacre since WW2) and then NATO responded by Bombing Serbia in 1999.

    (I'm no expert on Balkan history so I'm ready to be corrected if someone in Saddo lives in that part of the world. But that what's I've read but you never know who to believe)

    Novak could easily been killed when he was a kid in the NATO response. He's talked about it many times. I guess that why he has a bit of that Ivan Drago "If he dies, he dies" vibe on the court

    So basically Novak isn't from a HYPE COUNTRY. Not so much to do with his personality really. John McEnroe was a madman on court but he was from a hype country (America) so he was seen as edgy.

    Nor does Novak come from a rich or well to do family (Rare in tennis). And all that bothers ppl. As if the audience says "You don’t belong here". But he does. Since he is a true fighter and one can actually learn a lot from his perseverance.
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