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Thread: Simone Biles Quitting


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    Default Simone Biles Quitting

    What's the take from our US (and international) members re Simone Biles quitting the team event yesterday.

    I don't do gymnastics at all and could only name 4 gymnasts in history - Nellie Kim, Nadia Comeci (or whatever its pronounced), a British lass called Beth and of course Simone Biles.

    I do remember seeing Simone Biles on tv a few years back and thought she was cocky but I don't mind that as when people are backing it up with results - which she obviously was - then fair enough you have every right to be. She's been dominant for a few years right ?

    I also don't know the full ins and outs of yesterday but my take is she quit as things were not going her way and head not in right place. My take on that is isn't part of being a top athlete / sportsman having the mental strength to ride it out and overcome it ? Others keep going who will never get near the podium. I had a go at our own Paula Radcliffe way back when she quit a couple of races at olympics (2008?) that she couldn't win as was struggling - finish the race ffs was my general argument.

    I have no idea if her quitting affected where the USA team came but hear she intends to take part in the individual event. If she gets gold in that I suspect her team mates might have a view on that - a view they may never express openly.

    I'm sure we've all been hammered and annihilated in sporting events we've taken part in, at very low local levels of course, but I don't know.... quitting when you're used to winning is bullshit in my book. There may be another factor I am not aware of but just my view.

    I saw Piers Morgan earlier saying he'll be writing an article on it later today for the Daily Mail - no doubt he'll be vilified for it when it comes out.
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