5. Joe Calzaghe not a big fan of his, but I respect his high punch output and knowing when to walk away. & the more Hopkins won- the better it made Joe look!)

4. Aaron Pryor. He could have lost more than a few fights due to his eye injury- but he didnt try to fight to get some smoke money or needs. He fought 3 more times after his sole loss. I think he knew it was a matter of time before someone would drub him. So he left the game @ 39-1

3. Lennox Lewis- Neither Lennox nor Manny Steward wanted to take the Klitshcko fight when Johnson pulled out- but he would've been looked upon as a ducker. He was fortunate his power held up- as his stamina was poor and timing was off and was being outjabbed. Boy that telephone poll jab kept and power punching ripped that man's face off. He knew not to come back.

2. Carl Froch- His final fights Lucian Bute, Yusef Mack, Kessler Groves 2x. To have those high calibur fights at the end? and win? That KO punch to Groves II - no better way to walk away!

1. - JMM It didnt matter how many millions they dangled in his face for a 5th match...that KO over Pac wow! A bit suprised he came back to take on alvarado after his loss to Bradley. I feared he would lose to stylistic matchups...but he proved he was still the better fighter over Alvarado & never came back..that was 2014!