It' that time of the cycle again in The Bahamas guys. We have our general elections tomorrow, we vote for a slate of candidates and it is not a Federal system like the US or other Banana Republic's. We like our tin-pot authoritarians to come in with a whole buffet of assholes with him.

I'm not on the ballot this year as I was in the previous election. I have no horse in the race but I know who I want to lose, for sure. lol...

You guys think Trump or Boris was bad, you never had the asshole in power that we had. Arrogant, mean spiritted asshole. He is 10000000x's worse than the guy before and I though the guy before was bad. I mean this man is a legitimate imbecile.

To top it all off, he is a dim witted whoremonger who fancies his whores over anything else. His whores come first and get lucrative contracts through him while every other decent individual gets labelled as something else. Can't wait to see the end of him, which I think will happen.

I mean, no governemnt has come out of the COVID-19 pandemic unscathed, so on top of his nasty attitude, God has turned his back on this government as well. out of 180 countries handling the pandemic, The Bahamas is ranked 179 only ahead of Libya.

If that don't make you chuckle, the asshat we have in charge is a medical doctor. lol... albeit he is a pussyologist/gynecologists', but he should understand medicine. lolol... (I have more stories to tell about this asshole during this pandemic, but that is another story. It would take another post)

But I go into this election with a concerned heart. The main opposition is led by a drug lawyer. lol... famed for ripping off his cousin who was extradited to the US for drug trafficking. lololol.... Plus the opposition party is filled with predators. Legitimate predators. My God, it's awful.

The party I ran for in the election of 2017 is a non-factor. I wouldn't even consider them. The leader is a cunt who is simply an empty, vapid lady. We pick some strange people here in The Bahamas.

Anyways... I think I'm going with the opposition side this lap. This asshole of a prime minister and his parliamentary colleagues have to carry their ass. It's been too much, sad thing is had he had been a little less arrogant, kinder we would have forgiven the dim-wittedness and sheer buffoonery. But he is a dumbass and his colleagues are just as bad....