Each time a red state shuts down abortion clinics, their neighboring state gets flooded. Right wing media ignores it.

If Republicans were really sincere in their claim for God and the unborn, why then does their discussion begin and end with reactive procedures?
Abortion is a reaction.

The day after pill is pro-active.
So it is ok for God's republicans...to premeditate murder - know ya' 'bout to fornicate...so get an abortion pill...but give it a humanitarian name like this: Birth control pill.

You are not controlling birth with a pill, You are a murdurer just like all you republicans accuse others of.

About half the patients at Hope Medical Group for Women in Shreveport, Louisiana, are now from Texas, up from about one-fifth before the law. At Little Rock Family Planning Services, in Arkansas, Texas patients make up 19% of the caseload now, compared with less than 2% in August.