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Thread: Usyk vs Wilder?

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    Default Usyk vs Wilder?

    Let’s “imagine” that Wilder beats Fury next week and Usyk beats AJ in the rematch.

    Considering that styles makes fights, how would Wilder stack up against Usyk supreme boxing skills in a Summer showdown in 2022.

    Easy answer?

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    Default Re: Usyk vs Wilder?

    Wilder would spin himself in circles trying to hit usyk and probably trip himself up multiple times and usyk wouldn't even need to throw anything more than a few feints.... Wilder v usyk is a no contest, easy usyk win... Wilder malfunctions v guys who can jab, usyk would do whatever he wants to him.

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    Default Re: Usyk vs Wilder?

    This would be similar to Mayweather vs Baldomir. I could see fans walking out. Only difference is- Usyk has to do what Fury states- stay alert for every second of every round, cause Wilder only needs one.

    Usyk is by far the superior boxer, we know. However the swelling of both eyes this past weekend made it known he can be hit. Wilder just needs one.
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