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Thread: Manny Pacquiao Retires

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    Default Manny Pacquiao Retires

    The boxing world reacts to retirement of Manny Pacquiao

    The news today that Manny Pacquiao has called time on his fighting career has made headlines all around the world, with a future in politics seemingly lying in store for the Philippines senator.

    The Filipino icon leaves behind one of the greatest sporting legacies the world has ever seen and it's unlikely any other fighter will ever match what Pacquiao accomplished in the ring, again.

    It didn't take long for the tributes to the former eight-weight and oldest welterweight world champion in history to start pouring in, with memories of Ricky Hatton, Oscar De La Hoya, the 'Fight of the Century' against Floyd Mayweather, countless wars over the years and triumphs over Miguel Cotto and Juan Manuel Marquez being fondly remembered by fans, pro boxers and pundits alike.

    Here's how the boxing world reacted to the 42-year-old hanging it up...

    Check out some of the best reactions below:

    Ryan Garcia - former WBC interim lightweight champion

    "I love you Manny Pacquiao thank you for the legendary career and all the memories you inspired me forever."

    Dan Rafael - critically acclaimed journalist

    "The legendary Manny Pacquiao officially announces his retirement from boxing. One of the greatest fighters to ever put on gloves. An honor to have covered his career."

    Sergio Mora - former WBC super-welterweight champion

    "One day I’ll be telling my grandkids that I fought on the same undercard with the great Manny Pacquiao."

    Rob Tebbutt - managing director at Boxing Social

    "Manny Pacquiao was a world champion from flyweight to super-welterweight. For context: that would be like Sunny Edwards one day moving up and beating Jermell Charlo. A phenomenon. Happy retirement."

    Anthony Ogogo - Olympic bronze medallist

    "Happy retirement Manny Pacquiao, genuinely one of the best to ever do it."

    Carl Frampton - former two-time world champion

    "Winning world titles in a a multitude of weight divisions, in a career spanning over 4 decades, I'll call him the greatest of a generation. Happy retirement Champion."

    Bob Arum - Top Rank Boxing promoter

    "Manny Pacquiao, it was our honor to be your promoter. We wish you nothing but the best in retirement."
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    Default Re: Manny Pacquiao Retires

    Every boxer in history has had his detractors... and Manny is no exception. But to me, he'll always be fondly remembered.

    The very fact that he went through so many weight divisions and won titles in each. Detractors will claim PEDs, but that was never proven, like it was with Clenelo.

    He fought and beat several fighters I was SO HAPPY to see beaten, such as the greedy, cherry-picking DLH, who thought he was gonna get an undersized scalp to add to his resume.

    Like Hatton, who was claiming p4p #1 status, being fed by a rabid fan base.

    Like the consummate cheater, Margacheato, who paid for it (karma) with a broken eye socket.

    Hell... I'll even forgive him for beating Cotto, who would've given Pac a better run for his money had he not entered that fight with nutritionist Joe "WTF" Santiago as his trainer.

    Pac was the ultimate gentleman, never needing the stupid trash-talking of a Margacheato or a Rios.

    He was gracious, win or lose.

    His fight against Floyd completely UNDERWHELMED... and I blame Pac's style of fighting for that. Not his finest hour.

    But regardless, a HOF and ATG career nonetheless.

    Best of luck to him as he aspires to a political future in the Philippines.

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    Default Re: Manny Pacquiao Retires

    Roy Jones Jr hails retired Manny Pacquiao’s ‘absolutely marvellous’ legacy and Floyd Mayweather loss is NOT a ‘regret’

    ROY JONES JR hailed Manny Pacquiao's 'absolutely marvellous' legacy and said defeat to Floyd Mayweather is NOT a 'regret'.

    Jones heaped praise on his fellow boxing legend after Pacquiao officially announced his retirement.

    PacMan walks away as one of the most celebrated fighters of all time, who won titles in a record eight divisions.

    But the biggest of his 72 fights was against long-time rival Mayweather in 2015, which ended in a points loss.

    It settled five years of drawn out negotiations and resulted in an American record of 4.6million pay-per-views.

    Pacquiao, 42, chased a rematch with Mayweather, 44, after citing an injury to his right shoulder after the loss.

    But despite never getting a shot at revenge, Jones insisted the iconic PacMan can enjoy retirement regardless of what happened that night.

    He told Sky Sports: "It's not his regret. Because he wasn't the one who wasn't trying to make it happen.

    "He was trying to make it happen but couldn't until Mayweather agreed to it. It's nothing that he has to regret."

    Pacquiao had memorable trilogy bouts with Erik Morales, 45, Timothy Bradley, 38, and even FOUR fights with Juan Manuel Marquez, 48.

    He was unbeaten in three heading into his comeback in August, thanks to wins over Lucas Matthysse, 39, Adrien Broner, 32, and Keith Thurman, 32.

    The southpaw superstar was then due to challenge Errol Spence Jr, 31, for the WBC and IBF unified welterweight titles.

    But undefeated American Spence pulled out with an eye injury with Cuban Yordenis Ugas, 35, being elevated from the undercard in replacement.

    Ugas won a points decision and sent Pacquiao into retirement to instead focus on his bid to become president of the Philippines.

    Jones commentated on several of PacMan's fights for HBO and like many boxing fans around the world, was thankful for his career.

    He said: "He leaves an absolutely marvellous legacy in boxing. He had a whole country and a whole continent behind him.

    "He brought a whole lot to the game, he entertained for a long time, it was a beautiful thing to see.

    "It was like one country against the world - that's what he represented.

    "It was a beautiful career and I'm glad to have experienced it, glad to have known him.

    "He's an awesome person who had a brilliant career. He fought whoever came his way, whoever was close to his weight.

    "He had a heck of a trilogy with a couple of guys. He had a heck of a fight with many Mexican guys.

    "He had really good fights, and fought all the names that were available to him at the time."
    Do not let success go to your head and do not let failure get to your heart.

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    Default Re: Manny Pacquiao Retires

    We boxing fans always say “they don’t make them like that anymore” ….. well, somebody did when they created Manny Pacquiaio

    His story would be panned as ridiculous if it was a Hollywood film. Born into absolute grinding poverty, in a country with little opportunity to escape it and with hardly any history of glorious boxers …. After losing fights due to hunger and lack of training opportunities, He exploded onto the scene almost by pure luck, after being selected as a late replacement opponent.

    That style was unique to him; blinding speed of hand and foot, relentless pressure and his use of weird angles combined with devastating power. He provided us with a highlights reel that could have come out of a video game, they looked so jaw droppingly astonishing. His knockout of poor Ricky Hatton was like watching Usain Bolt run the 100 metres. His savaging of the feared Antonio Margarito made me rub my eyes in disbelief.

    Pacquiao ducked nobody. He fought everyone he possibly could, including when he was past his best. At his core, a man who loved to fight. His resume stands up to anyone in history

    And in an age of manufactured feuds, trash talk, social media influencing and posturing - in the toughest, most unforgiving sport of them all ……. He smiled, giggled, said nice things about his opponents and looked like he enjoyed every second of his career. Which of us could say that, whatever job we do?

    His transcending of the sport, especially in the Philippines, was up there with Pele, Ali, Bolt and anyone else you care to mention.

    I have no idea of his politics, what he thinks about things, what his marriage is like - and I don’t really care.

    What a great great career Champ. Thanks for the memories and emotions I will never forget. You would have been competitive with any fighter who has ever stepped in a ring from flyweight to welterweight. That is Henry Armstrong and Ray Robinson territory

    All the best for your future.
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    Default Re: Manny Pacquiao Retires

    Time will tell if he makes another comeback and that would be based on finances. I think he may have went overboard with his generosity. I think he took on Ugas/Spence for that very reason. So this is my 2nd response to his 2nd retirement.

    From the 1st time I saw him fight live-Ledwaba -for some reason I thought about Bruce Lee even though he is filipino! When he beat MAB, I knew he was special.

    I was on his side when Morales schooled him- the next day forums claimed he was a one trick pony- without the left he is average.
    Who knew Roach could help him develop that right hand midway through his career?!

    It was billed as Manilla Ice Punch.

    Never saw the close fights with JMM as an exposing rather 2 top guys fighting for supremacy of that era in their respective weight class.

    I didn't think he was using PEDS...until he gave me reason to by changing his answers needles, afraid, god, makes him weak. I now see that as Him being directed by Arum NOT to fight that man that bought his freedom for 3/4 million and turned it into hundreds of millions. Arum is still pissed seeing all those zeros Floyd brought to himself & not Bob's wallet. I cringe thinking of how crappy Arum may have treated Pac on the $ side.

    Had that been Murad Muhammad we would have seen Pac-May a decade previous, but Arum was running the show.

    Pac was the most exciting fighter IMO of the past 20 years.

    Now his biggest fight is ahead. Politics is the dirtiest game ever invented. There are no nice politicians -just successful and unsuccessful

    A President Pac will have to deal with oil and water- catholics on one side Muslims on the other.
    A country that fought for independence from Spain by 1898 and became dependent on USA-by mid 1950s... who had their aspirations. Upon the Marcos takeover- corruption followed them as well.

    When Pac got into politics it was the Maguindanao Province that saw 57 people massacred when they tried to elect the candidacy for Esmael Mangudadatu to challenge incumbent Maguindanao governor Andal Ampatuan.
    If I remember - Pac was not considered by his he had to run for office -I think in his wife's home province. That there is a sign of corruption.
    Luis "Chavit" Signon Is considered a corrupt individual- YET this was one of Pac's biggest political mentors

    Quite a few are raising the question- why didnt Pac mention him in his retirement?
    anyone speak/read tagalog? “Pero ngayong tinapon ako. Alangan ipagpilitan ko pa sarili ko?”

    Here is what FOX news claims on this guy- MANILA – Governor Luis "Chavit" Singson, a self-proclaimed middleman for gambling lords and Philippine controls Ilocos Sur province in the northern Philippines like it was his own fiefdom.

    Known to gamble big at casinos and cock-fightings, he is now gambling with his political life.

    Those are the likes he associated himself to get in... now he appears to be on the out with those who helped him in. He is not knowleadble in politics from what I have read. he as the heart, but not the intellect. And he has made enemies in politics by siding with the powerful while coming up in the ranks as senator.
    Forgiven of his absences when training- who was actually running the show as Senator?
    All's lost! Everything's going to shit!

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