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…but the ‘Gypsy King’ has hinted at retirement after questioning the “need” to fight following his title defence in Las Vegas.

Of course he has. I said as much before the Tyson-Wilder fight... and I wouldn't expect anything different.

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Who's more likely to fight Whyte after a win... Fury or Wilder?

I'd say Wilder. Fury's too unstable with his actions and his career. He's liable to just retire and go into either acting or wrestling. You also never know about his emotional state. For that alone, I think a Wilder victory would be better for the division, short-term. It would keep things moving.... titles being united... etc.

Either way... I'm looking forward to Saturday night.
Of course he's got no "need."

He can retire any time he wants.

But if he truly wants to be considered an ATG... I'm afraid he's going to need more than a trilogy with Wilder and a sh*tty victory over "Timid Wlad" on his resume.