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Thread: SPOILERS !!! Bond movie - No Time to Die

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    Default Re: SPOILERS !!! Bond movie - No Time to Die

    Still not seen a Brosnan film as don't like him.

    I am told if any though I should watch Goldeneye...
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    Default Re: SPOILERS !!! Bond movie - No Time to Die

    Quote Originally Posted by Master View Post
    Daniel Craig has become my favourite Bond ahead of Connery who went on too long and ruined his legacy.

    Skyfall was the best of his films and Casino Royale was a good start to his story line.

    I can not watch Moore playing Bond any more after Craig, he is awful.

    Preferred Dalton to Brosnan.

    Jason Bourne series made the Bond franchise up their game and bring in Craig.

    I do not think they can replace Daniel and must take it in a different direction. Less stoic, more of an IT nerd mixed with Ninja assassin, and hung like a porn actor.

    I have to admit that Craig grew on me as the series moved along. At first I didn't like him, because I felt that what he had in physicality (chasing down bad guys through and over construction cranes) he lacked in that suave, debonair manner of previous Bonds.

    I especially disliked when the character played by Eva Green totally fooled Bond into the whole "love" thing... and even saved his life after he got poisoned. Too vulnerable for me. The old Bonds were the "love 'em and leave 'em" type who would never get fooled by a woman. Many tried... but all failed. He was just too smooth. Smooth was never a word I could use to describe Craig's portrayal of Bond.

    But hey... the films were great and action-packed. I grew to appreciate this new Bond. To me, however... Connery is still #1.

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