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Little food for thought. When Loma was 7-1, a 2 weight champ and had not unified he was number 2 P4P.

Shakur is 18-0, a 2 weight champ and HAS unified

So if fair is fair don’t feel you’re giving too much credit by rating him highly. He is without a shadow of a doubt the best 130lb fighter out there. 126 too.

Shakur is as good as you say, and no one should underrate him. To be fair, however, I always thought Loma was rated too highly, too early, at p4p #2 with only 8 pro fights. But that's another argument.

Here's the thing about Shakur, and time to get on my soapbox.

Shakur was fighting QUALITY opposition, with impressive records of their own, 10 fights into his pro career.

THIS IS WHY I continue with my song and dance about fighters (don't worry... I won't name any names here) who fatten their 40-0 records with riff-raff... before ever facing credible opposition.

(I should mention Loma also started off mega remarkably well in that regard. Only that I don't think he should've been fighting for a belt 2 fights into his pro career.)

Another fighter worthy of his lofty p4p ranking..... Naoya Inoue. This guy has fought and beat a who's who of boxing in just over 20 pro fights. In fact... to me... HE should be the #1 p4p by a MILE.

But back to Shakur. Seems like he could easily hold all the belts at 130.

I wonder how he'd do if he moved up to 135.
I don’t think you’ll be waiting long to find out how he’ll do at 135. So many good fights there, and Shakur grew up sparring most of them so he knows he can compete.(If I’m not misremembering he said Haney would be his hardest fight)