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Thread: Jared ‘Big Baby’ Anderson

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    Default Jared ‘Big Baby’ Anderson

    Jared ‘Big Baby’ Anderson is a heavyweight with a 100 per cent KO ratio, likened to Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson.

    JARED ANDERSON is the heavyweight with 100 per cent knockouts, drawing legendary comparisons and tipped as the heir to Tyson Fury.

    The American prospect is 11-0, all inside the distance and helped Fury with vital sparring before the Brit's 2020 and 2021 victories over Deontay Wilder.

    And according to his promoter Bob Arum, Anderson will soon inherit the Gypsy King's throne.

    Hall of Famer Arum - who has overseen seven decades in the sport - guided some of the most iconic names in all of boxing.

    That includes Muhammad Ali while the promoter witnessed first-hand Mike Tyson in 1986 become the youngest heavyweight champion of all time at 20.

    And 90-year-old Arum likened Anderson to the pair of heavyweight greats.

    He told Sky Sports: "Mike Tyson was a tremendous puncher who didn't show much boxing ability.

    "Jared has shown boxing ability and power. He reminds me more of a young Muhammad Ali than a young Mike Tyson."
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    Default Re: Jared ‘Big Baby’ Anderson

    I think one thing we in the States are long overdue to get away from is likening a guy to Mike Tyson . It hasn't worked out. I like Jared think he is the goods. But he's knocking out who he's supposed to knock out right now and looks pretty fluid doing it. Reminds a bit of early Bowe if anything . Actually floored that he isn't ranked in any of the top 15 all things considered. Lots of time though at 22. Keep it smart and ride the exposure without getting a fat head building off work with Fury.

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