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Winner: Brazil
Finalist: France
Top Scorer: hairy kane
Player of the tournament: Neymar
Best keeper: argy martinez
Two out of five :S
You are the best of us.

Winner: France
Finalist: Argentina
Top Scorer: Mbappe
Player of the tournament: De Bruyne
Best keeper: Neuer (Germany)

Winner: France
Finalist: Brazil
Top Scorer:Benzema
Player of the tournament: Mbappe
Best Keeper : Alison Becker
Well you did get the two finalists correct, wrong way round though, you could argue you got 2 right there...who knows what Madness took a hold of you when predicting Bruyne would win the golden ball.....

Apparently Benzema was told pretty quickly that his injury wasn't too bad and he could have even played in the final group game :S... Probably good for France that he didn't, this is the guy who blackmailed his old French team mate after all.