Can't say we didn't see it coming. Ordered to fight #1 Alberto Puello after Puello's promotion won the lone purse bid then 30 days came and went so they moved forward and took back their trinket. Honestly, and maybe it's the cynicism boxing leaves you with at times, the splintering on unified titles is the first thing that comes to mind when we're fortunate to have 1 champ finally crowned. Every sanctioning syndicate wants their slice so mandatories are pushed and some as in this case I cannot blame Taylor as little known Puello doesn't exactly help put arses in seats.

The absurdity is that the man who arguably beat Taylor in February is ranked a ludicrous 12th so will likely not be in line as challenger. But what is next for Taylor..he also has been ordered to fight his wbc mandatory Chon Zepeda with a deadline of May 24th to sort it out. Taylor has made much of moving to 147 immediately after the Catterall fight but has been sitting in a bit of limbo making guess work of it for fans and the alphabet boys. Good chance that he'll vacate the wbc, or just drop them all and move up. The Zepeda defense would be nice to see and poses a decent enough challenge until ol Josh can make up his mind. Or just vacate and let Zepeda rematch Jose Luis Ramierz which would be well received on the West coast and if it's as entertaining as the first fight I'm all in. Or Zepeda v Catterall..Prograis? Good fights!

Off the top I cannot see Taylor just rolling into 147 and having an easy go of it at the title level. I favor Spence, Crawford to best him. He's a little bit of a man without an island at the moment.