While I always thought Amir Khan had the heart of a lion and dazzling talent, I also thought he was a bit of a knob.

But he went massively up in my estimation when he faced up to the press after being butchered by Brook, and he was funny, gracious and engaging.

He also was asked about whether he was proud about inspiring Asian sportsmen around the world

People used to say: ‘We are Muslim, we are Asian, we can’t make it in boxing. We’re not going to be picked.’ It’s an excuse that all Asians use – that we’re never going to be picked.“Look at football, for example. There are no Asian footballers but guess what they all say? ‘We won’t get picked because we’re Asian.’ I think that’s a fucking load of bullshit, really. It’s a load of bollocks. Asians, when we can’t to a certain extent, give up. We don’t have it in us. Our diet is appalling, and when we come up against good English fighters, they are fitter and have a better diet”!

Say it how you see it Amir