I had to share this obvious nugget with you guys because after all of these years of being a Christian and hearing "the word" it just dawned on me.

You have to LOVE people. It is not just a command, but there is a reason why you must love people. It goes beyond just being a good person, but the Father Almighty cannot bless you unless you LOVE.

I often hear the "old people" talk about you won't cause me my blessings by hating you. Now I FINALLY get it after years of God being so obvious to all of us. He must REALLY love us to be so patient with us after all of these centuries. Praise be to God!

That is why he commanded us to love. If you read 1 Corinthians 13... ALL OF IT... you understand why it is important.

But, the main thrust is, HOW DO YOU EXPECT THE FATHER TO BLESS YOU WHEN YOU HATE HIM AND HIS PEOPLE? He loves all of us, even the mass shooters and Hitler and Putin.... and he has said that "we are all one" and made in his image and are a part of the branches from his tree... so HOW DO YOU EXPECT THE FATHER IN HEAVEN TO BLESS YOU AND YOU HATE HIM? Why would he do that for you to harm his people and his good name?

Would you bless someone who hates you? So why would the Father allow you to do that to him and his precious ones?

I'm sooo stupid. All of these years and all of this love talk, it finally hit me in the head this week. I feel stupid for not understanding what he has been telling us all for CENTURIES NOW. lol........

You're welcome!