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What kind of arsehole God saves your puppy but not all the hundreds of thousands of human babies with cancer etc despite their parents fervent prayers? Asking for a friend.
I agree, like a gambler only tells you about his big wins never about his losses, a religious type only tells us his prayers were answered when its convenient.
Never do we hear when prayers are not answered.

e.g. Its a miracle a baby was pulled alive from the earthquake rubble 4 days after the event.
But i guess god caused the earthquake in the first place that killed thousands lol

If any religious types here want to pray for an end to the war in Ukraine feel free.
Religion is all bullshit.
Who wants to hear bad news? LOL! Well, many times he does not give me what I want and it may be better for me in retrospect. I wanted to get married years ago, but luckily it had not worked out because there are some things about me that I need to work out.

Also, I wanted to delve deeper into politics, and I am glad God steered me away from that for the time being because I don't have the mentality for it. So be thankful in all things. You can learn from any and all things.
sounds like saying in fortune cookie