Hey guys,

Great news man. I started losing weight again. Now I'm under 250lbs. First time under 250lbs in over 5 years. I cut out the cookies and pastries this week and have been seeing it on the scale.

I was doing the miles and started the gym again two weeks ago but the weight was not going anywhere. But as of Monday I cut out all cookies and pastries of any sort, kept my workout regimen and the pounds are melting away.

I knew it had to be the cookies and cakes, but I love me some Keebler double chocolate chip deluxe cookies and my coconut tartlets...

I also eat a pint of Haagen Daz icecream when I'm good and ready- especially the salter caramel, which goes for about $10US where I'm at. So all of the early mornings and fat burners were being wasted because I would just put it back on with sweets. But not this week, I worked off a great deal.

Glory be to God!