Ok, I was hesitant to ask because it's a very silly, basic question but I think I'll ask it anyway... because yesterday I hurt my wrist so I must be doing something wrong.

Question about turning over your punches.

When shadow boxing I have no problem turning the thumbs all the way down to 6 o'clock.
With gloves...different story.
With effort I can make it to 7 o'clock (right hand) but it just doesn't feel natural but forced especially on the heavy bag. Throwing just a 1-2 feels slow and difficult. It just seems there isn't enough time for me, between throwing the punch and turning the punch all the way over before landing it. Few days ago I caught myself cheating, I started to turn the punch BEFORE I even threw it.

I watched pro's (Mayweather i.e.) working the heavy bag and they seem to throw with thumbs on 3 o'clock (left hand) and 9 o'clock (right hand).
Is this how it should be done and am I exaggerating the theory of turning over your punches? Are punches just turned fully on pads and during sparring/fights?