What are some of your pet peeves when it comes to Illegal tactics that Referees should crack down on but hardly ever do

One thing I could never stand was watching a lot of clinching and headlocking and grabbing behind the neck and pushing the head down like Ali did all night long to Foreman for example.

I think rabbit punches are also not punished the way they should be punished. Especially in a clinch.

The hip shots are borderline on the hip joint but the round the back kidney shots like Foreman would do should also be penalized.

Too much headbutting like Holyfield should also not be unpunished. It can ruin a fight with an early stop, and also is very dangerous.

People do not want to see over-involvement of referees in fights, but if a ref takes a point after 1 or 2 warnings it will set the tone that the fighters better watch out for fouls or else.

What are some things you would like to see done differently in the ring by referees to make the boxing matches less dirty?