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Thread: Fury Vs Chisora 3 - December 2022

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    Default Re: Fury Vs Chisora 3 - December 2022

    Quote Originally Posted by Master View Post
    Dubois stops him in 3rd great comeback!!!
    You are fucking kidding me? I’ve just caught up with this and the other waste of time fight. You were saying last week how DDD had come back so well from his defeat by Joyce.
    Fuck me , he got put down 3 times in the 1st round and went back to his corner and said “what happened?” Poor Shane Mcguigan was speechless.
    In the 2nd he was still all over the place, and in the 3rd put Lerena on the floor. Then ghost of Froch/Groves struck.
    Lerena throwing punches back , the bell goes for the end of the round and that cheating cunt Howard Foster stops the fight AFTER THE BELL! The guy is an absolute disgrace and is clearly on the take.
    How can they let him keep taking bungs ? It’s as clear as daylight.
    Surely the BBBOC need to look at that.
    As for Dubois, the less said the better . I keep telling myself I can’t call these fighters fucking useless and I should have more respect. But he’s making it really hard for me.
    Former Undisputed 4 belt Prediction champion. Still P4P and People’s Champion.

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    Default Re: Fury Vs Chisora 3 - December 2022

    I found Howard to be repugnant in his actions.

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    Default Re: Fury Vs Chisora 3 - December 2022

    Dubois did provide a great comeback in the fight after that disastrous first round.

    Triple D is not a top 10 heavyweight and very vulnerable but he is fun to watch.
    Do not let success go to your head and do not let failure get to your heart.

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