Ruiz Jr kicked out of his home after split with wife as she bins his diamonds and clothes and he moves on with new woman

ANDY RUIZ JR has been kicked out of his home by wife Julie Lemus after their unceremonious split.

Julie had been Ruiz Jr's long-term girlfriend prior to their marriage, and she has been seen ringside at some of his biggest fights.

After it emerged that the Mexican is now dating social media star Mayeli Alonso Julie took to social media to trash her ex Andy.

In a clip posted to TikTok, Julie revealed messages between herself and Ruiz Jr, in which she refused to forgive him.

The video then showed her binning Ruiz Jr's clothes and possessions - including diamonds.

Despite the former heavyweight champion and Julie having reportedly been separated for some time, his new relationship with Mayeli is said to have enraged his ex.

According to El Comercio, Ruiz Jr and Mayeli were spotted walking hand in hand at Mexico City International Airport last month.

After speculation surrounding their relationship mounted, Ruiz Jr released a statement to clarify matters.

It read: "In recent days, an article regarding my personal life that was handled in a wrong and disrespectful way has been circulating through various Spanish-speaking media.

"In this regard, and in order to have my public and the media duly informed, I clarify that at the time I decided to open my heart again, my previous romantic relationship had already ended.

"I want to live this new stage of my life that began recently peacefully. All human beings deserve a new opportunity to find happiness and that is exactly what I’m doing right now and I thank God for it."

Ruiz Jr, 33, also reiterated that he will ensure that he is there for his five children, irrespective of his relationship status.

He wrote: "It should be noted in the same way, that I will seek the well-being of my children and always respect their mothers, thank you very much for the support and I ask you for respect in this time of life."

Julie subsequently took to social media and vowed to reveal the truth, writing: "Our statement will also come out in a few hours and with evidence as well. The lies end here."

Ruiz Jr discussed his wife while appearing on Mike Tyson's podcast in 2019.

Mayeli was previously married to American singer Lupillo Rivera between 2006 and 2019

When Iron Mike revealed that he used to sleep with his fans during the height of his fame, Ruiz Jr said: "My girl would f*** me up. She’ll break all my cars or something."

Mayeli Alonso, 38, was married to American singer Lupillo Rivera between 2006 and 2019.

Last month, as per El Comercio, Mayeli took to social media to write: "I have never been with a married man, to clarify, never in my life. Whenever I talk to someone, it is the first thing I ask them."

Amid speculation surrounding his private life, Ruiz Jr is looking to hit the heights once again in his professional endeavours.

Since losing his heavyweight belts to Anthony Joshua in 2019, Ruiz Jr has defeated Chris Arreola and Luis Ortiz.