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Thread: long live the King

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    Default Re: long live the King

    Quote Originally Posted by mrbig1 View Post
    My girl has been up since 5am watching the coronation. cool.
    The privy council in London is the last court of appeals for commonwealth nations.

    So if any Jamacian, Nigerian etc wants to appeal against there sentence ? They have to go cap in hand to the privy council and guess who is head of the privy council ? Yup. King Charles. So the Royal family has major say on law and order in many black countries. So this is just another way white society can lock up black men.

    Imagine the reverse ? Imagine the King of Nigeria saying to the UK, Australia

    "Hey Britain....Mr King BABATUNDE UKOMO is KING of your country.

    Yes I'm KING BABATUNDE. I'm now King of Scotland, Ireland, Australia and you will refer to me as KING BABATUNDE because well, I am KING BABATUNDE and I'll also be on your stamps and money and you will celebrate my birthday and you will have to learn the Nigerian language too.

    Now I'm not Idi Amin and force white ppl to BOW in front of me before an interview.

    But you must sing and dance for me and greet me in your thousands whenever I come to your country"

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