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Would definitely say Spence should take a get back fight at 154 and give himself every shot of salvaging and steadying remainder of career. Saw talk that he may very well replace Derrick James too.
calvin ford & roy jones jr are rumoured to be in the running as replacement options
Never been big on Roy as full time trainer. Partly as he’s still determined to fight himself but Roy is going to Roy and always be a focus. He and Spence come off as polar opposites in personality and style. Either way, new trainer screams “tune up needed” before a Bud rematch with them.
I don't think that Spence has a tune up in him, and I am pretty sure that Errol doesn't think that he has one in him, either. To me, it looks like a cash out move, because his option, moneywise, is Crawford and a tune up fight would put that at risk.
The trainer change...I remember when Derrick was getting a ton of credit for teaching Spence to fight like a pro. In my opinion- and a this is based on a detailed email he sent me regarding a fighter I was with detailing what he saw as that fighter's limitations and how he would fix them- he fundamentally misunderstands some things about stance and weight distribution and transfer. I think that all of these things are visible in the fighter. I don't think that the change is going to make a difference; you aren't going to make any changes in a short term situation, even in the best of circumstances, and I don't think that Spence will do any sparring beyond the bare minimum for this fight. If offered, I would take the payday but I wouldn't quit my job because it is not a career positive.

Good analysis, and no disagreement in any of your points. Especially considering your source.
My only question is... which I'm sure has been on everybody's mind... how in the hell was Spence able to accumulate such a sterling (and undefeated) record prior to suddenly getting dismantled by Crawford??

This has to be one of the most shocking outcomes of such a high profile and hyped fight. Spence-Crawford was THE fight, that everybody was clamoring for. It took long enough to bring both sides to the table in earnest.
Expectations were at an all-time high.

Then THIS happens...

Spence looked like a child fighting a man. He had no answers. You're right. No tune-up is going to help Spence. In fact, it may officialize his demise as an elite fighter. Right now Spence is still a one-loss fighter. He lost to probably the #1 p4p fighter in the world (I personally still put Inoue ahead of him). So Spence isn't all of a sudden "trash." He DOES have to be careful where he goes from here, though. I still think his best move is a rematch at 154. He may lose anyhow. But no way (one would think) he gets steamrolled like he did in the first fight.