Anyone plan on watching this tomorrow night It's on Dazn so nope here. Updates or a mailed in rbr would be awesome. It's weird, after all of the hoorahs for Garcia "leading" the success aka $$$ of the Tank ppv that he's now having Duarte as a return fight. The actual press conference devolved into some nasty school yard pissing contest with Hopkins and Promotion taking aim center stage at Ryan and Ryan then bringing up the "never lose to a white boy" stuff. Zero mention of the actual fight or opponent. At least none that made the headlines .

Ryan is a lot of things and a twit but hard to recall a time when a major promotion has been so blatant and working the fans bashing a guy that is doing their fighting. Talk about self-sabotage. Anyone know how long the contract runs out with GBP?

Duarte is no slouch and what's swept under the rug is that Garcia is coming off a hellacious body shot KO. The infighting and fact that Duarte knows a little bit about the body cannot help. And suddenly today it was mysteriously moved to a 143 CW fight. As if Duarte coming up from 135 wasn't enough.