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Good blow out for him. But really highlights how ridiculous a Bridgerweight division in as Usyk qualifies for it yet reigns as undisputed heavyweight champion . But hey, ridiculous has never stopped the wbc has it .
If there was money at the weight smaller heavyweights could fight there such as Parker. It could be interesting for up and coming heavyweights like Okolie
So basically it'll be a consolation division. But do you really think Parker is small and cannot compete at legit heavy? Just don't see a need for added stops as Cruiser has worked just fine for that all along. Boxing already tried the jr hvy/spr cruiser nonsense in the 90's and I think it consisted of maybe 2,3 fights and a tin belt that is collecting dust in some pawn shop right now. Okolie is 6'5 with a division on the verge of parting open. No time to waste away years being looked at as secondary to cruiser tbh. Plenty of decent lighter hvy fights he can take to climb all ranks and not just be isolated to the wbc experiment league.
Parker is more than capable of competing at heavy. Master is still fixated with size, even after all these years and Usyk showing one by one that it can be overcome.
I mean Parkers a pretty big dude is all. And recent results have to account for something.