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Thread: Roberto Duran v Dave Radford

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    Default Roberto Duran v Dave Radford

    Listen to this, it is only 9 minutes, pm if you need my password.

    Roberto Duran and Dave Radford were from different worlds.

    Roberto, a champion boxer considered one of the greatest to ever step into the ring. Dave, a part-time plasterer in the North of England, boxing in leisure centres and social clubs.

    But in 1997, a series of unlikely events saw Dave down his tools, fly to South Africa and fight Duran in front of 10,000 people.

    Johnny I’Anson speaks to Dave and his trainer James Walker about that memorable night.
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    Default Re: Roberto Duran v Dave Radford

    Can't hear a thing but randomly went back and watched this fight off the mention. Really Duran on last legs tuning up for the last major title fight that should have never been allowed to take place vs Joppy. It gets forgotten what a terrible unnecessary beating that was just to bleed the "name" of Duran. Radford came in as you said, the 'everyman' type working-boxer. He actually cracked Duran very well a few times and didn't just show up to fall over. At end the announce inferred he was just there to survive and Duran tried to work the crowd to blame Radford for Duran not getting a ko . Radford fought smart all things considered.

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