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Thread: READ THIS BEFORE POSTING: How to get help in here

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    Default READ THIS BEFORE POSTING: How to get help in here

    Before we can help you, you have to help us. Carefully think what your goals are. What do you want? What are your goals? What is stopping you reach them and what can you do that can help you reach them?

    As a rule of thumb knowing your age, height, weight, experience, level of dedication (Amatuer, going to turn amatuer, keeping fit, learning to box for the sake of it?) build etc. What resources you have available is a big help to. Are you in a gym? do you own a bag? etc.

    In this forum we can help you to develop certian techniques but its quiet hard for us to actually teach you things from scratch using simply text. We can guide you in the right direction and offer you advice and knowlodge on the principles of boxing but we are no subsitute for a real trainer

    For the love of god proof read what you're saying aswell. :P You may be excited bout getting into boxing but if you type something out in caps that doesn't make sense with no paragraphs you're less likely to be taken seriously. put your self in our shoes and read it back. Does it make sense?

    Don't be shy to ask anything in here and be honest. We've had a few frauds in here fronting and trying to impress us but the only person fooled is them...
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