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Nothing to do with Boxing...But I like Jokes and Games...So just relax, Take a break and enjoy (Beware can get addictive).

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Bin Larden Liquors Got some stress...get rid with this funny shooting game
Celebrity Fight Club Beat up some Celebs
Who Wants to be a Millionaire Is that your final answer???...((Very Cool Game))
Boxing with OJ Test your boxing skills out on OJ Simpson
Pac-Man This one takes me back...LOL...Woka Woka Woka!!!!
Space Invaders Another one to takes you back...Space Invaders
Simon Another Classic....folow the sequence with Simon
Asteroids Yet Another Classic....Asteroids
Snake I love this simple little game
Hexxagon Hexxagon happens to be one of those games that's easier to play than it is to explain
Sonic the Hedgehog Finish all the levels as Sonic the Hedgehog or his friends
Penguin Game Very addictive game with yetti and a penguin
Pong Flash version of the old pong game...Boy it is fast.
Bowling I like this one....Strike!!!!
Checkers Can you beat the computer at checkers ???.
Hangman Quite a hard ((for Saddo!!!)) Hangman.
Bubble Use the arrow keys to move and fire.
Memory Game How good is your memory ?...keep your eyes open you mite see me.
Tetris I think we all know how to play this.
Connect 4 Quite hard to beat the Computer.
Nibbly This one will get you thinking.
Rushhour Help the red car escape ..will take alot of brain power.
Air Hocky a link to a very cool air hocky game.






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