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Thread: Musings from the weeekend - moving up in weight

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    Default Musings from the weeekend - moving up in weight

    Told you it wouldn't be a problem for Manny. Told you moving down would be a problem for Oscar.

    Are we clear now that some fighters 'natural weight' may be a lot heavier than the weight they are fighting at? Like Manny of example.

    He carried the weight really well. Didn't lose speed (altho why should he, he's put on muscle), had a lot of power, great stamina etc...

    I honestly think Pac could be a natural 140lber. His frame supported the weight exactly as i thought it would. The reason he was fighting at a lower weight class is probably had a lot to do with his diet. Training for 3-4 hours everyday and not consuming enough carbohydrates will mean that muscle is used for energy....which will result in a loss of bodyweight. Consuming enough carbohydrates while training ensures that you will stay at an optimal weight. Once that's sorted you will find your natural weight.

    The only time the added muscle will slow you down is when you have too much muscle for your frame to support.....and flexibility is reduced. This clearly isn't the case for Manny.

    Anyway i really think he can dominate at 140 now. The Hatton fight will be exciting but one sided unless Hatton can maul him and get him to the ropes.

    On a side note Oscar looked terrible. Looked like he lacked energy and he messed up with the weight big time. I knew the weight would be a problem. To lose weight he will most likely be consuming less carbohydrates during training, which would make him fatigue earlier, which would probably impair the intensity of his training sessions.

    I posted a picture of him a few weeks ago where he looked like Kevin Webster from Coronation St. To me it was obvious he was struggling, his face looked really drawn and thin. It was like he had no energy to do what he wanted to do.

    From a nutrition point of view i feel he drained himself of water and glycogen in order to come in at 147 (well 145). Not sure whether he came in at 145 to make a point or whether he just messed up. Seemed like he didn't have enough time to he went into the fight with low glycogen levels. The fact that he only put on 2lbs between the weigh in and the fight does suggest this. If muscle glycogen levels (carbohydrates stored in muscle)need to be completely diminished to make weight, then you are going to struggle. Pac on the other hand will have had super-saturated his muscles with glycogen. Mainly because he had a lot of weight to play with. It showed big time in the fight.

    Lesson: Never under-estimate how important nutrition is.
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