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Thread: Froch - he just can't let it go can he.

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    Smile Froch - he just can't let it go can he. - COKE DOPE

    I'm sorry to start another Calzaghe Coke scandal type thread but I think we all needed reminding how much of a cock Froch really is. That way, we can cheer even louder everytime Kessler lands one on his giant gonk. To think I was starting to warm to him because of his 'take on all comers' attitude.
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    Default Re: Froch - he just can't let it go can he.

    So he doesn't like simpled minded idiots now? I thought he was racist but it's clear he even hates his own kind.

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    Default Re: Froch - he just can't let it go can he.

    Join the Froch hater club! Theres room for more
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