Just wondering how does your trainer work with you, does he teach you as a group or as singles? do you have routines? do you work by a program or just straight off the bat?

My gym traines all members as a group (both exprienced and new), every training scetion consists of a ten to fifteen minute warm up, another fifteen min' of mmovement training later on incorperating shadowboxing, another five rounds of heavy bag work (three min' round, fourty five seconds intervals between each round), thirty minutes of combination training and another thirty two minutes worth of sparring.
We're free to choose our sparring partner as we see fit, sometimes leading to the comic result of someone as light as myself (58 k"g/125 pounds) going up against people several weight classes up (my largest on today's workout was 79 k"g/160 pounds), so as you can guess I spen a lot of time keeping my distance, moving fast and hitting hard though the other guy was a lot better, kept me at arms length and knew exactly when and what to do as I close the distance.
after sparring is over we're free to lift weights if we'd like, ask the trainer for a weightlifting & diet program.

Once a week we hold one of our team's workouts, which is basically a combo of endurance, explosive stregth and technique. the coach calls you up for a round with him (he actually calls you twice, once to spar and another for the focus pads) this usually lasts up to three hours.
Here's a ling to how one of these looks (have your speakers turned really low unless you love metal and please stop watching after the second song ends, PLEASE!):

So how does a day at your gym look like?