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Thread: Body shot strategies killing the game

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    Default Body shot strategies killing the game

    Been loving this game of late. But last couple of weeks my online matches are becoming tedious and dull. Most opponents now stick to the body shot only strategy. I'm not moaning because I am losing more its just that eciting fights don't happen when someone is using this tactic.

    Anyone else experiencing this ?
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    I haven't played it online in ages, but this was the exact problem with the last one. Ruined online.

    I actually find the AI is quite good and quite enjoy fighting some of the CPU boxers more than slags online who have such a win at all costs mentality.

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    Argh! I'm annoyed because I'm sort of between a rock and a hard place with this game... On one hand the AI has become to easy to defeat... I'd only just made the switch to GOAT and was almost dismayed at how little the difficulty was! EVEN with all the settings tweaked I really struggle for a good match up so I was kinda forced to take it online and I have to agree the body spam shit is sometimes too much to bear.
    Sometimes I can masterfuly get around it but I've noticed it all comes down to Reflexes, Strength & your Block rating... And because so many kids wanna spend their money on add-on's, you can't help but come across the odd sup'd up Athletism plus maxed out block rating type fighters.

    It's annoying to the point where I'm considering building a fighter that can compete with the best of em.

    God know's who else I'd be able to compete with though

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