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Thread: Advance fighting tips on main page of this website

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    Default Advance fighting tips on main page of this website

    Hey guys

    was reading Advance fighting tips on the main page ever thought was well written and worded I was wondering if there was any videos to incorporate the tips ?

    or if anyone had any youtube clips saved on the favourite just want to change the way I train for 2012 got stuck in a bit of rut and have decided to mix it up this year to see what happens any advise would be great too.


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    Default Re: Advance fighting tips on main page of this website

    Hi mate, I wrote that years ago.

    Reason I did was so that standard fighters started to think outside the box a bit and adapted their own natural abilities and reactions into their own fight game. After learning the basics you see so many fighters and not many get to the top or even have the additions to think their way there.

    Have a read through the top section of stuff above the training section here and take good note of Scraps videos, he is at the forefront of alternate exercises that make you a more balanced and faster fighter through them.

    You will find other links to interesting stuff up there too.

    If you click on "Important and useful posts" It opens up intoa big page of threads, you find stuff there. Chat soon.
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