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Thread: Add my boxing talk account on twitter!?

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    Default Add my boxing talk account on twitter!?

    I have just finished my second year so I am going to try and do my articles and be more involved with boxing discussions. I have set up a twitter account and hopefully will have articles posted on the saddo main page. I have just done one on British heavyweight boxing, looking at David Haye, Derrick Chisora, Tyson Fury and David Price. I am going to try and cover something in British boxing at least once or twice per month. I am hopeful about going to Froch-Bute next weekend, so I am going to do a preview of the fight next week. Ive posted this article to Curtis and hopefully will be on the main page later on this week.

    Ive got to start my dissertation about perecptions in thai boxing soon and I am hoping on doing my ABA coaching badge in the summer after speaking to my old trainer. Hopefully will get that sorted soon.

    Hopefully we can have some good boxing discussions, because I believe British boxing is looking promosing in 2012.

    Here is my twitter account:!/TDSBoxingtalk

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    My twitter name is jimzimma if anyone wants to follow me

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