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Thread: Cotto will be pounded into retirement

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    Default Cotto will be pounded into retirement

    Tough hard fighter but his days are over. Gutsy, sharp puncher. He will get old overnight as they say. This will be his swan song in boxing. Had a few surpisingly good outings lately but it was the last hoorah, like when Gatti beat Joey Gamache in a blow-out, people were saying he was getting hs 2nd career 2nd wind as a fighter, but it was just his last hurrah, like when Babe Ruth hit three homers in his final game.
    only Sergio is too quick for this aging vet. not saying KO but lopsided UD.

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    Default Re: Cotto will be pounded into retirement

    sergio is a very good fighter, world class, very good champion

    not the lb4lb superstar a lot of people made him out to be tho IMO

    Cotto is alos a very good fighter, world class and very good champion

    both seem to be a little over the hill now and i think cotto will do enough
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    It's really hard to say now due to the showing Martinez had against Murray.
    Did he come back too soon, is he too old, are his knees gone or a combination of all three?
    Looks like a good fight on paper. I want to see it.

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