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Thread: Canelo-Angulo finalized.. two can't stand each other.. PPV lineup

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    Default Re: Canelo-Angulo finalized.. two can't stand each other.. PPV lineup

    I was the dumdass who payed $65 to see Canelos last fight. That was a day old terd, lets be straight. Angulo is patchwork now and on multiple comeback trails here. I have a feeling this will be a one sided blow out within 6 with a now company man understanding his role and one where Alvarez can finally play the patient bulky-boxer and effect his opponent to an end, not Trout and not Mayweather. Undercards will steal the show with Molina v Charlo and Santa Cruz v Mijares hopefully.

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    Default Re: Canelo-Angulo finalized.. two can't stand each other.. PPV lineup

    would anybody even put canelo in the top 10 p4p? i dont think that ive ever seen him on a list. that should tell you something about the ridiculousness of headlining him on a PPV.

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