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John Duddy v Walid Smichet RBR 10 Round Non Title bout

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by on 02-26-2008 at 05:32 PM (7552 Views)
Round 1:

Duddy coming out on fire with some good hooks and throwing plenty early on. Body shots are the Duddy staple here so far, but Smichet with three big right hooks has Duddy reeling. The Duddy guard is nowhere, and Smichet is landing at will here and putting Duddy in real bother. 5 left and right wide hooks land flush on Duddy, who is just not moving back. Duddy with some shots of his own, but his oppnent is landing amazing shots here, anda Duddy's cut under the left eye. He's shipping shots like an amateur versus an old pro.

Duddy takes huge punishment.

Smichet 10-9, and there might be a case for calling it 10-8 Duddy was in so much trouble.

Roiund 2

Duddy coming out active, and with a good left hook, then working the body. He's got no defence whatsoever, and personally, Pavlik would eat this guy for breakfast. Smichet is landing time and again, who lands body shots, then right hooks. Duddy needs to box, and get his chin out of the way of Smichet's fists. MSG seems eerily quiet as they all wait to see Duddy put in some more good work. Right hook from Smichet, then a good left from Duddy. Duddy not defending, but dodges two hooks, then lands a couple to the body. Good leading left hook from Smichet, then Duddy with a short right, but Duddy lands again, then dodges some jabs. Big right hook again, and Duddy is in yet another war.

Smichet 20-18. Glad I didn't put anything on Duddy so far.

Round 3:

Duddy starts strong again, with some hooks, then digging hard to the body straight from the bell. Jabs from Duddy, then body shots. Fair play, Duddy much have a chin of solid brick. Smichet is landing right hooks again, and Duddy still not fazed. Duddy jabbing a little, then a gentle body shot, but Smichet gets back a right hand. Duddy boxing a luittle more, or at least using a jab and making some effort to get out of the way. Overhand right from Smichet catches Duddy on the back of the head. Smichet lands to the body. Duddy jabbing, but not following it up with enough work. LEft hook from Smichet, and two big right hooks from Smichet, and Duddy looks rocked. Another right hand, and Duddy is in big bother in there.

Smichet again, despite Duddy improving, he just can't hold together a good round's boxing.

Round 4:

Duddy comes forward. Takes a right hand. And again. Uppercut from Duddy, but Smichet returns some short upperhooks which land nicely. Left hook from Smichet. Duddy with three unanswered jabs, which are then answered by a right hand. Good right hook from Duddy, but he's being outworked and outboxed. Good jab then hook from Duddy, as he catches Smichet out. SMichet with another overhand right, which is his bingo punch so far. Duddy looking to jab, but isn't making up for his lack of flush shots with good workrate. Two hooks from Smichet. Duddy with a jab and uppercut, and as usual, Duddy ends up looking like a steak, and still faintly echoing of "moo"'s. Flurry from Smichet, who can't seem to miss with good short hooks. A bit of afters.
Smichet shutout, Duddy is dreadful so far.

Round 5:

What is going on in the Duddy corner. Duddy opens to the body. Smiche with one as well, then Duddy lands a couple of jabs, then a right of his own. Duddy then caught by two big right hands, then a left hook. SMichet lands another right. Right hook and uppercross from Duddy,, then a great left hook, and a second from Duddy. Fantastic fight, and Duddy seems to have out-stamina'd Smichet in this round. Short straight shots from Duddy, then working to the body. Duddy moving better, and landing jabs. Duddy with a jab, big right hand, then another. Now its Duddy landing at will, but Smichet still lands another right. Good right hand from Smichet, who's rocking on his feet there.

Duddy's first round for me.

Round 6:

Smichet seems to have sagged a little at the start of this round, and Duddy jabbing and hitting to the body, then backs away from Smichet dodging a hook. Smichet looks to work the body. Nice uppercut from Duddy, who seems to have started boxing. Jab to the body, then a couple more up top. Smichet has landed nothing of note this round, but if he'd have had a full training camp, he might have beaten Duddy. Jab and right hook from Duddy. Smichet lands a right finally, but Duddy punches back, with another jab and hook. Right hand rocks Duddy's head, then a left, but Duddy looking much the stronger and better boxer now.

Duddy. 58-56

Round 7:

Did I say Duddy 58-56? Turn that around. Duddy's face looks horrible, but he seems to be looking better now. Boxing well early on again, and Duddy's figured out that going toe to toe with a guy who hits harder and doesn't cut as easy as you is not a good idea. Duddy is boxing well with jabs, then a fine right hook as Smichet looks to throw a jab. Overhand right lands from Smichet, but Duddy looks the fitter. Body shots from Duddy. Duddy gets his glove taped up, after the ref spots a bit of loose tape. Duddy hasn't shown anything we didn't know so far tonight. Good chin, check. Competent boxer at times. Check. Doesn't like to box and gets himself in trouble. Check. Duddy caught again, but still comes forward with jabs and body shots. Dodging well, then a body shot from Duddy with his back to the ropes.

Duddy's round, now nearly even.
67-66 to Smichet.

Round 8:

This has been a great undercard fight, and now its about who's got the gas and who's running on empty. Duddy still looking to box rather than trade, but Smichet still getting through occasionally. However, Duddy's workrate has stayed constant whilst Smichet's has faded away. Duddy's jab is landing well now, and body shots. He's not too imaginative, but is outworking Smichet, and trying to get out of the way when he can. Three nice jabs from Duddy. The pace has slowed in the second

half of the fight, which helps Duddy more than those early rounds. Duddy then takes two hooks, then a right, in a brief effective Smichet flurry. Duddy pushing out the jab, and sliding away from Smichet's shots. Right hook in under the armpit.

Duddy's work gets him back on terms on my cards, though the judges no doubt will have him ahead by now.

Round 9:

After his disastrous start, the firm jab seems to have won this one for Duddy, and work out SMichet, and he uses it again early on in this round. Smichet gets in the overhand right, which seems to have lost its zip since he realised he couldn't budge Duddy with it. Duddy circling and picking Smichet off with jabs. Smichet with an uppercut, then they rtrade hooks. Smichet coming forward, with one hook glancing on #Duddy's hed. Then a nother big right hand. They go back to trading, and Duddy lands a hook then a jab. Duddy backs off and goes back to jabs, then a straight right. Duddy's stamina gives im that round, and better than Smichet now.

86-85 Duddy
Round 10:

this is only a 10-rounder, and Duddy comes out for the last round. They trade off early on, but Duddy going to the body twice. The ref then demands another look at Duddy's gloves. Duddy's done well to overcome cuts to both eyes and big shots. Hook then uppercut from Duddy, but then takes a right from Smichet. Duddy boxing this one out now, picking up the jabs and staying away. Then he takes a left hook then a right. Duddy jabs, but another right hook comes over his extended left hand into his mushed mush. Uppercut from Smichet, but Duddy's jab and straight shots are winning him this one. His jab is good, but the defence still looking as useful as a paper stab-vest. Duddy has gutted this one out, and Smichet is calling Duddy in as we draw to a close. He's looking for the last shot, and a big right hand.

Duddy wins, but close one for me.
96-94 And big doubts about Duddy's ability to step up to a higher level ie Kelly Pavlik

95-95 and boooos. 98-92 and 98-92 for John Duddy by the last two judges. Probably the right decision, and Smichet will certainly leave this fight with a whole heap of credit. I'm somewhere in between the draw and the wide win.

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